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Watch this scene from Grey's Anatomy Season 11, Episode 12: The Great Pretender to2 see Owen kiss Amelia!

From "Анатомия страсти: Sympathy for the Devil (#5.12)" (2009) Dr.

He says he has to go tell Meredith and Izzie and leaves her alone.

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Cristina is impressed when an Army doctor comes in and stables his own leg wound.

The man is Major Owen Hunt, and even while injured he saves people's lives. Meredith and Cristina fight and then Cristina is stabbed by an icicle that falls from the roof outside the hospital.

Meredith tells Derek that her roommates are her family and he's not kicking them out. George is set to retake his intern exam but helps Webber with a flood in the hospital caused by a burst pipe.

Webber stays late to serve as a proctor so that George can take his exam.

Derek tells Meredith's roommates that he is moving in so they have to move out.